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Welcome to the Moran Properties-Five Star Real Estate Blog!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Hopefully your 2020 is off to a terrific start and you are currently crushing your goals for the year. We wanted to start things off on here giving you a bit of a background of how we got here and what we stand for.

Let’s start with what we stand for…

Moran Properties is a group of real estate professionals who fight for their clients!

Moran Properties is a group of life-long learners who adapt to the ever changing real estate market.

Moran Properties is a group of innovators who think outside the box to find your dream home or sell your existing home.

Moran Properties is a group of people from all walks of life that have an incredible passion for educating their clients through the real estate process.

Most importantly, Moran Properties is a group of REAL people having fun doing what they


So let’s go back to 1994…

If you are having a tough time remembering that far back let me help, ‘94 was the year Tom Hanks starred in the best movie ever to be watched, Forrest Gump. Back to a much simpler time of when a gallon of gas was just over a dollar and the average cost to buy a home was just over 100K. Ahhh the good ole days!

Did that help?!

Along with the premier of Forrest Gump, Curt Moran started his own custom home building business...Curt Moran Builders Inc.

A family run business for years, Curt and Kris Moran worked tirelessly to create a brand that people respected. It didn’t take long, their attention to detail, organization, and communication throughout the building process, along with incredible attention to detail resulting in a quality dream home for their clients produced referral after referral. Things were going well!

12 years later, Kris got her real estate license. This ensured, if you build a house with Curt Moran Builders, we can find you a piece of land, sell your current home for top dollar, and build your dream home all under one company! Makes sense right? Kris started out her real estate business this way, selling Curt Moran Builder homes and selling Curt Moran Builder clients current homes. Gaining more and more confidence, Kris grew her business and was killing the real estate game full time while trying to keep Curt Moran Builders admin afloat.

In 2010, Curtis Jr., Curt and Kris’ oldest son graduated college and decided he wanted to join the party. He fully immersed himself in the building side of the business. Later on down the road, he realized his passion for land development.

In 2018, Tyler, Curt and Kris’ middle child, still teaching special education at Jenison Public Schools decided to get his real estate license. Quickly, he realized working two full time jobs was extremely difficult and decided to give 100% of his attention to real estate.

At this point, Kris Moran went from being a single agent working for Five Star Real Estate to the team leader of Moran Properties-Five Star Real Estate.

Since May of 2019, Moran Properties has added 3 additional agents, Sally Daling, Lance Engel, and Brian Chavez to the squad. Stay tuned for future blogs to learn more about them and their journey to real estate.

We have purchased an office space in Hudsonville and plan to continue crushing our 2020 goals one day at a time!

See you all in March!

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