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Happy March!

Listing season is upon us and the real estate market is about to start doing some weird things!


Whether or not you are in the market to sell or buy this year, here is some information that might be beneficial to think about.

It’s Listing Season!!

The spring market is a real thing! Everybody knows that spring is the best time to list your home because that is when the crazy people come out of the woodwork and are willing to offer top dollar for your home, sometimes cash, which ultimately drives up the sales price. This time frame typically starts around April and goes until the end of August. The point we are trying to let our clients know is that although the spring market is beating down the doors, there is still a lack of listing on the market right now. If you list your home now, you don’t have a ton of competition. Waiting until April or May to list, you will have other listings that pop up very similar to yours which gives the buyers options.

It’s Buying Season!!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard interest rates are historically low and are continuing to fall. I talked with a lender yesterday that said he locked in a construction loan for 3.125! Obviously there are factors that play a role in getting a low interest rate but it is still worth looking into. That being said, if you are not living in your dream home, it is time to sell (see above) and buy with a crazy low interest rate. Are house prices going up? Yes, and they will continue to go up. But if you can sell your home for top dollar, buy an upgraded home with a crazy low interest rate why wouldn’t you?! A year ago they were calling for interest rates to be on the rise...somewhere in the 6-10% range. Think about that savings!

It’s Refi Season!!

Everything I said about Buying Season above can be reiterated for Refi Season! If you are in your dream home and are not going anywhere anytime soon, REFI NOW!! It wouldn’t hurt to at least call your lender and see what he could get your payment down to. We work with some terrific lenders and would love to match you up with one of them!

Hopefully we gave you something to think about and if you ever just want to discuss your options. Feel free to reach out for a no pressure phone call. We love what we do, we love making our clients money and hopefully saving them money as well!!

See you in April!

- Moran Properties Team

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